The Great Eight: Wrap Up


(This post was originally shared at Leading by DESIGN, where I’m a team member. It is written for our LEAD 365 alumni, although all are welcome to read it.)

I’ve served on a whole lot of teams in my life, some great, some not-so-great, and I can say without hesitation that the team I work with at Leading by DESIGN is the best, healthiest, most connected team I’ve worked on. I think the four of us (Rodger, Jeff, Gerald, and me) actually hit all eight characteristics of a great team. (Can you list them by now? If not, here they are once more, with links to each blog post in this series: Common GoalsCommitmentCommunication, TrustTalent, Knowledge (of each other and of self), Grace, and finally Chemistry. And just for good measure, you can also read the introductory post to this series.)

And let me be clear that as individuals, we’re nothing special (sorry team). We are regular people with our own beliefs, values, gifts and voids, passions, wiring, and a heck of a lot of dysfunction (sorry again, team). But we still manage to live into these characteristics of a great team, and I think that we make something special as a team. 

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