Preparing the next generation of leaders

Empower your team to achieve their true potential

Training for Transition

Next-generation leaders will learn to effectively navigate change, while bridging the gap between generational leadership styles

Sustainable Success

Our long-term training model helps leaders move concepts from knowledge to action through practical application and individual coaching

Access from Anywhere

Online training and telephone coaching makes leadership development convenient for busy professionals who aren’t able to meet in person.

Preparing Leaders and Promoting Team Performance

Cygnus Services’ Leadership Development Journey (LDJ) is a 12-month, online leadership development program that prepares teams of 6-8 emerging leaders from the same organization for senior leadership positions.

Invest in Your Team

An Engaged Workforce

Research shows that unhappy, unengaged employees are more stressed, less productive, and likely to suffer burnout. Investing in leadership development for emerging leaders means investing in your organization’s future. Leadership development opportunities will increase participants’ engagement at work, which is likely to have a positive, synergistic effect on the all employee engagement throughout the organization.

A Better Bottom Line

Leadership Development Journey is a smart investment: the cost of leadership development is much less expensive than replacing employees. The costs of employee turnover -- interviewing, hiring, training, reduced productivity, lost opportunity costs, etc -- can be 30% of that person’s annual salary. (And for a high-level or highly specialized employee, it can cost more than 200% of the annual salary!)

Resilient Leaders

Employers benefit when employees are offered opportunities for improvement and the authority to take control of their work and life. Our services promote resiliency, personal management skills, and greater capacity for leading change. Through shared learning and experience, participants also develop stronger relationship with other leaders, creating a network of support within your organization.

Professional Growth through Executive Coaching

Offered in person or by telephone, one-on-one professional coaching offers a safe space and framework for emerging leaders to think through career and leadership issues in a more deliberate way. Available in six or twelve-month packages, the long-term accountability of a coaching relationship offers ample time for sustainable personal growth.

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